Border Buddies


Use the Border Buddies to help trace the outline of cardstock or decorative craft paper when layering. No measuring needed and you can trace any shape you want!

Contents: each pack contains 4 discs that can tract 3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm and 10 mm borders.

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Using the border buddies is easy!

  1. Place the smallest cardstock or decorative paper on top of the one you want to layer beneath.
  2. Place the top cardstock into the groove of the Border Buddie so that the Border Buddie rests on top of the bottom cardstock.
  3. Place a sharpened pencil into the hole of the Border Buddie and move the pencil along the border of the top cardstock to trace a line on the bottom cardstock.
  4. Continue all around the borders of the top cardstock until the line meets at the start.
  5. Cut along the line that you just traced with the Border Buddie on the bottom cardstock.
  6. Go ahead and layer your cardstock and decorative craft paper.
  7. Continue using the same size Border Buddie to layer more pieces of cardstock or decorative paper. If you want the border sizes to be different between the layers, use different sized Border Buddies.