TJHOKO Paint – Pretty’s Pink


Tjhoko paints can be applied to various surfaces (even paper)! They are perfect for all kinds of crafts. Whether painting a wall or giving an old bottle a second chance, Tjhoko paints will be perfect for the job.

Volume: Pretty’s Pink – 25 ml

Note: Larger volumes of paint (250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L) is available on request.

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Tjhoko paints are a unique water-based, self-sealing acrylic chalk paints that leave a mat finish and are available in a variety of colours. They can be applied to various surfaces, including wood, glass, metal, laminated surfaces or previously varnished surfaces, and even natural fabric! They are non-toxic and safe to use on both interior and exterior surfaces.

How to paint with Tjhoko paints?

There is no need to sand or prime the surface that you want to paint! Simply clean the surface with lacquer thinners, wait 20 minutes for the the surface to dry properly, and then paint to your heart’s content. Note: please do not use turpentine, benzene, sugar soap or any other detergent to clean the surface.

It is recommended to paint at least two coats of Tjhoko paint onto the surface. Wait for the paint to dry properly between applying coats. For surfaces in heavily frequented areas or exposed to water or UV light, Tjhoko Clear Glaze can be applied to seal the surface. Tjhoko Clear Glaze can also be applied to make the surface more stain resistant.

Varnished surfaces do not require sanding if it was varnished 6 months (or longer) ago. Clean with lacquer thinners, allow 20 minutes for the surface to dry, and paint.

Melamine surfaces can be painted without the need to apply a melamine primer first. Make sure to clean the surface properly first with lacquer thinners to remove any oil and grime. Allow 40 minutes for the surface to dry before you start painting. This process also applies for when you want to paint ceramic tiles.

If you want to paint raw timber or raw brick, mix equal parts of paint and water. Make sure the surface is dust free, clean with lacquer thinners and allow time to dry. Paint the mixture onto the surface with a paint brush and then spread the paint evenly with a damp cloth (e.g. mutton cloth). Allow enough time for the paint to dry before applying more coats of paint.

For painting natural woven fabric, first paint a small piece of the fabric and let it dry to see if you are happy with the texture. Note: painting Tjhoko paints onto synthetic fabrics is not recommended.

***If you are unsure about how to apply Tjhoko paint on a specific surface, please reach out to us for assistance.***

How do I clean Tjhoko paints?

Since Tjhoko paints are water-based paints, clean-up is easy! Simply wash your brushes and rollers with water. Use a damp cloth to wipe up any drips or spills.

Remember to close the lid of your paint’s container properly when you are done painting.