TJHOKO Waterslide – Scooter


Use Tjhoko Waterslide – Scooter transfers to add interest to various items or furniture. Give them a special Tjhoko touch with the various design and patterns available!

Size: A4 (21.0 cm x 29.7 cm) waterslide transfer

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Tjhoko has a variety of decoupage products available that are sure to add beautiful accents to to decor and furniture. Both paper and high-quality polyblend woven fabric decoupage sheets are available, as well as waterslide transfers.

How do I use Tjhoko waterslide transfers?

  1. Make sure the surface is flat and smooth.
  2. Paint the surface with two coats of Tjhoko paint, and wait for at least 4 hours to let it dry completely.
  3. Dilute Tjhoko Clear Glaze with water (2 parts glaze to 1 part water) and wipe the diluted glaze onto the surface with a damp cloth. Make sure that the cloth is not too wet, otherwise the glaze will be streaky and not smooth.
  4. Trim the waterslide transfer to the correct size.
  5. Soak the trimmed waterslide transfer in cold water until the backing slides off the transparent design.
  6. Carefully slide the transfer into position.
  7. Allow one hour to dry, then apply Tjhoko Clear Glaze over the design to seal.