Artistry Ink Pads


Artistry Ink Pads contain special rich dye inks that are water reactive. They feature an innovative flip-top design that makes them last longer.

Artistry Ink Pads contain special rich dye inks that are water reactive. They are ideal for ink blending, distressing, splashing, spraying, brayering and many more. Artistry Ink Pads feature an innovative flip-top design that inverts  the inking surface during storage, thereby extending the life of the pad. During use, the stamping surface is raised to allow for easier access. Since the is lid is flexible, it can be pressed down into the ink pad when it is closed and forms a watercolor-type pallet to dip a brush into when the lid is opened. In addition, each pad is easily identifiable when open due to the colored labels you’ll know the color of the pad even when multiple pads are open on your craft desk.

Ink pads are a very useful tool in paper crafts for a number of reasons:

  1. Adding color: Ink pads are an easy way to add color to your paper crafts. They come in a wide variety of colors and shades, allowing you to create a rainbow of hues on your projects.
  2. Creating backgrounds: You can use ink pads to create interesting backgrounds for your paper crafts. Simply apply the ink to the paper and use different techniques such as blending or stamping to create unique patterns and designs.
  3. Stamping: Ink pads are a must-have tool for stamping. They provide an even layer of ink that can be easily transferred to your stamp and then onto your project.
  4. Distressing: Ink pads can be used to create a distressed look on your paper crafts. By lightly applying the ink to the edges of your paper, you can give your project a vintage or grunge look.
  5. Embossing: Some ink pads are designed specifically for embossing. These pads contain a slow-drying ink that allows embossing powders to adhere to the surface, resulting in a raised and shiny design.

Overall, ink pads are a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your paper crafts. They are an essential tool for any paper crafter and can help take your projects to the next level.

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Artistry Ink Pads

Avocado, Roasted Chestnut, Ocean Reef, Golden Tumeric, Fancy Fushia, Indian Jamun, Green Garland, Blaze, Fall Fiesta

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