Aubergine Lodge Stamp


AALL and Create offers unique and fun stamps that’s sure to add a little magic to your crafts. Imagine if vegetables and fruit could be your dream home! Use the AALL & Create Stamp #1087 Aubergine Lodge Stamp to add a personal touch in your greeting cards, scrapbooking and journaling.

Dimensions: Overall stamp sheet size is 15 cm x 10 cmm (A6).

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Stamping in crafts adds a unique and personalized touch to projects, allowing for creative expression through a wide variety of designs. The consistent and repeatable nature of stamps ensures precision and efficiency, making it an ideal technique for both beginners and experienced crafters. With the ability to add texture, dimension, and customized details, stamping enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of crafted items, offering a versatile and accessible tool for creative expression.

Elevate your crafts by incorporating stamping to create intricate and consistent patterns on greeting cards, scrapbook pages, or handmade gift tags. Experiment with various ink colors and stamp designs to add a personalized and visually appealing element to your projects.