Brads (Butterflies)


Use the Brads (Butterflies) as small, decorative fasteners or embellishments in your paper crafts. Use them to secure layers of paper together or purely as a decorative element.

Dimensions: 1.29 cm x 2.01 cm (20 pcs)

Please note that each pack contains brads with different designs, and that the specific designs you receive cannot be guaranteed.

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When using brads, you typically make small holes in the paper where you want to place them, then insert the brad legs through the holes and spread them on the backside to secure the brad in place.

Here are some common uses for brads in paper crafting:

  1. Securing Layers: Brads can be used to hold multiple layers of paper together, adding a decorative touch while keeping your project secure.
  2. Attaching Embellishments: You can use brads to attach embellishments, such as tags, die-cuts, or other decorative elements, to your paper projects.
  3. Creating Movement: Brads can be used to create interactive elements in your projects. For example, you might attach a brad to allow a piece to swing or rotate.
  4. Adding Texture: They can be used to add texture and dimension to your projects by creating clusters or patterns with brads.
  5. Binding: In some cases, brads can be used as a simple and decorative binding method for mini albums or other paper crafts.

Notify me when the item is back in stock.