Couture Creations Sanding Block


The Couture Creations Sanding Block has four sides of varying roughness. You can use it to smooth out mixed media elements, distress edges and more!

Dimensions: 9.2 cm x 2.2 cm x 3.2 cm

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In paper crafts, a sanding block is a useful tool for refining and enhancing the texture of paper surfaces. It is particularly beneficial when working with heavyweight or textured papers, as well as when layering different paper elements. Sanding blocks, like the Couture Creations Sanding Block, allow for controlled abrasion, smoothing out rough edges, reducing uneven surfaces, and creating a more polished and professional finish to your paper projects. This tool is especially handy for distressing or aging paper, adding a unique dimension to your crafts by giving them a weathered or vintage appearance. Overall, a sanding block is a versatile accessory in paper crafting, providing a simple yet effective way to achieve a variety of desired textures and finishes.