Glitter (Hydrangea Bliss)


Use the Glitter (Hydrangea bliss) to add some sparkle and a touch of glamour to you projects!

Includes: 6 colours of glitter.

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Here are some common and creative uses for glitter in crafts:

  1. Cardmaking: Add a touch of glitter to handmade cards for a festive or elegant look. You can use glitter glue, loose glitter, or glitter cardstock.
  2. Scrapbooking: Incorporate glitter into your scrapbook pages to highlight specific elements, borders, or titles. Glittered stickers and embellishments are also popular choices.
  3. Home Decor: Spruce up home decor items, such as picture frames, vases, or candles, by applying glitter. It can add a personalized and glamorous touch to everyday items.
  4. Kid’s Crafts: Glitter is a favorite in children’s crafts. Use it to enhance projects like school posters, holiday decorations, or simple art projects.
  5. Party Decorations: Glitter is perfect for creating festive decorations for parties and events. Decorate banners, table centerpieces, or party favors with glitter to add a celebratory vibe.
  6. DIY Ornaments: Create custom ornaments for holidays or special occasions by coating them with glitter. This works well with various materials, including glass, wood, or even paper mache.
  7. Fashion Accessories: Upgrade accessories like shoes, purses, or hair accessories with glitter. You can either buy pre-glittered items or add glitter yourself for a personalized touch.
  8. Painting and Drawing: Mix glitter into your paint or glue to create sparkling artwork. This is particularly effective for abstract paintings or adding highlights to specific areas.
  9. Nail Art: Glitter is a popular choice in nail art. Use it to create accent nails, ombre effects, or intricate designs for a dazzling manicure.
  10. DIY Glitter Slime: Combine glitter with clear glue and other ingredients to make your own glittery slime. It’s a fun and tactile project, especially for kids.
  11. Wedding Decor: Glitter can add a touch of glamour to wedding decor. Use it on table centerpieces, wedding invitations, or even on the bride and groom’s accessories.
  12. DIY Greeting Cards: Create unique and personalized greeting cards by incorporating glitter into your designs. It adds a festive and eye-catching element to birthday, holiday, or special occasion cards.