Metallic Watercolour (Candy)


Metallic watercolor paint adds a touch of shimmer and sheen to your artwork. The Metallic Watercolor (Candy) paint comes with 12 delectable colours!

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Here are some popular uses for metallic watercolor paint:

  1. Painting Artwork: Use metallic watercolors to create paintings with a metallic or iridescent effect. They work well for both detailed illustrations and abstract art.
  2. Calligraphy and Lettering: Metallic watercolors are excellent for adding a touch of elegance to calligraphy and lettering projects. Use them to highlight specific words or create metallic borders.
  3. Cardmaking: Incorporate metallic watercolors into handmade cards for a sophisticated and eye-catching look. Create metallic accents, backgrounds, or embellishments.
  4. Illustrations and Drawings: Enhance your illustrations and drawings by using metallic watercolors for highlights, accents, or even as the primary medium for a unique effect.
  5. Mixed Media Art: Combine metallic watercolors with other mediums, such as acrylics, colored pencils, or markers, in mixed media projects. They can add depth and interest to your artwork.
  6. Art Journaling: Bring a touch of shine to your art journal pages by using metallic watercolors. Create backgrounds, borders, or highlight specific elements in your journal.
  7. Home Decor Projects: Metallic watercolors can be used in DIY home decor projects. Paintings, canvas art, or decorative items like vases or frames can be adorned with metallic accents.
  8. Embellishing Crafts: Add metallic details to various crafts, such as paper flowers, handmade ornaments, or other DIY projects. Metallic watercolors can make your crafts stand out.
  9. Scrapbooking: Incorporate metallic watercolors into your scrapbook layouts to add a touch of glamour. Use them to highlight photos, create borders, or paint decorative elements.
  10. Wedding Invitations and Decor: Create elegant and personalized wedding invitations by using metallic watercolors for intricate designs or borders. Additionally, metallic watercolors can be used to enhance wedding decor items.
  11. Fabric Painting: While metallic watercolors are water-based and might not be as permanent as fabric paint, they can be used on fabric for certain projects. Experiment on a small piece of fabric to test the adhesion and washability.
  12. DIY Projects: Explore various DIY projects, such as painting wooden signs, decorating gift boxes, or adding metallic touches to everyday items using metallic watercolors.