Product Display Cutting Die


Use the Product Display Cutting Die to hang your products up on a display. Use plain cardstock for a professional look or funky and colourful cardstock to add some pizzazz!

Dimensions: 8.0 cm x 3.3 cm.

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Cutting dies are an excellent tool for creating elements for cards and crafting. Cutting dies are metal templates that have a specific shapes, designs or patterns. They can be used to cut or emboss materials such as paper, cardstock, felt, fabric, foam, and more.

With cutting dies, you can create various elements, such as card toppers, embellishments, frames, borders, and more. By selecting the appropriate die, you can create intricate and beautiful designs that will make your projects stand out.

Here are the steps to create elements for cards and crafting using cutting dies:

  1. Choose the appropriate cutting die: Select a cutting die that matches the design or shape that you want to cut or emboss.
  2. Place the material on the cutting pad: Place the material you want to cut or emboss on the cutting pad. The cutting pad is a thick plastic surface that provides a firm surface for the die to cut into.
  3. Place the cutting die on the material: Position the cutting die on the material you want to cut, with the cutting edge facing down on the material.
  4. Run it through the die-cutting machine: Pass the cutting pad and material through a die-cutting machine. The machine applies pressure on the cutting die, which then cuts or embosses the material to the desired shape or design.
  5. Remove the cut or embossed material: After running the cutting die through the die-cutting machine, carefully remove the material from the cutting pad. You will now have a perfectly cut element for your crafting project.