Surprise Wheel Card Die


Use the Surprise Wheel Card Die to make a unique interactive card. Make it fun or make it elegant!

Dimensions: 7.5 cm x 15.0 cm

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How to assemble the card:

  1. After you have cut your cardstock with both dies, decorate the smaller circle with your surprise design or message.
  2. Slide the slot on the smaller circle through the slot on the bigger circle.
  3. Apply adhesive foam tape to the outside perimeter on the bottom of the larger circle.
  4. Secure the assembly onto your card.
  5. Slide the arm anti-clockwise (to the left) to reveal your surprise design or message.

Cutting dies in paper crafting are essential tools used to create precise and intricate shapes from paper or cardstock. These dies are typically made of metal and come in various designs, ranging from simple shapes to elaborate patterns. Crafters place the die on the chosen material and run it through a die-cutting machine, resulting in accurately cut pieces that can be assembled to form embellishments, cards, or other paper projects. The versatility of cutting dies allows crafters to add detailed and professional-looking elements to their creations, enhancing the overall aesthetic of their paper crafts.