Swivel Stapler


Using a stapler in your paper crafts can be a convenient and effective way to join or secure paper together. The Swivel Stapler is perfect for making signatures for your DIY journals as it allows you to attach the staples vertically to form a little book.

Dimensions: 6.5 cm x 15.5 cm. Staples can be placed horizontally, angled or vertically.

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A stapler can be a versatile tool in paper crafts, offering a quick and secure way to join or embellish various elements. Here are some common uses for a stapler in paper crafting:

  1. Binding:
    • Use a stapler to bind together multiple sheets of paper to create booklets, mini-albums, or journals.
  2. Card Making:
    • Secure layers of paper or cardstock together to create multi-dimensional and textured elements on handmade cards.
  3. Fastening Embellishments:
    • Attach ribbons, fabric, or other embellishments to your paper crafts using a stapler for a quick and secure hold.
  4. Creating Pockets:
    • Fold and staple portions of paper to create pockets in which you can insert tags, notes, or other small items.
  5. Attaching Layers:
    • Secure different layers of paper or cardstock together to add depth and dimension to your projects.
  6. Joining Paper Strips:
    • Connect paper strips to form chains, borders, or other decorative elements in your paper crafting projects.
  7. Securing Folds:
    • Use a stapler to secure folded sections of paper, creating interactive elements such as flaps or pop-ups.
  8. Framing:
    • Frame photos or focal points in your paper crafts by stapling decorative borders around them.
  9. Assembling 3D Projects:
    • Build 3D structures by stapling together folded sections of paper, creating boxes, containers, or other three-dimensional elements.
  10. Fixing Broken Elements:
    • If a glue bond fails or if you need a quick fix, a stapler can come in handy to securely reattach paper elements.
  11. Securing Tags and Labels:
    • Attach tags or labels to your projects by stapling them onto the main paper surface.
  12. Creating Paper Chains:
    • Make paper chains by stapling together interconnected paper loops, a classic decoration for various occasions.
  13. Attaching Die Cuts:
    • Secure die-cut shapes onto your projects using a stapler for a sturdy and dimensional effect.
  14. Joining Fabric and Paper:
    • Combine fabric and paper elements in mixed-media projects by stapling them together.
  15. Art Journals:
    • Use a stapler to bind pages together in art journals or to attach additional elements like pockets or envelopes.

Remember to consider the type and weight of the paper you are working with, as well as the aesthetic you want to achieve. Experimenting with different stapling techniques and placements can lead to unique and creative results in your paper crafts.