TJHOKO Decoupage – Watercolour Blossom


Use Tjhoko Decoupage sheets and waterslide transfers to add interest to various items or furniture. Give them a special Tjhoko touch with the various design and patterns available!

Size: Watercolour Blossom decoupage sheet – 40 cm x 30 cm

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Tjhoko has a variety of decoupage products available that are sure to add beautiful accents to to decor and furniture. Both paper and high-quality polyblend woven fabric decoupage sheets are available, as well as waterslide transfers.

How do I use Tjhoko decoupage sheets?

  1. Paint the surface with two coats of a neutral colour Tjhoko paint.
  2. Trim the decoupage sheet to the size of the surface you want to apply it it. You can make it slightly larger to help with positioning (you’ll remove the overhangs later, so don’t worry if it’s a little bigger).
  3. Place the trimmed decoupage sheet in position and apply Tjhoko Clear Glaze over the sheet to adhere it to the surface. Gently wipe your finger (or a soft brush or mohair roller) over any air bubbles to remove them.
  4. Remove any overhangs by swiping a 100 grit sand paper in a downwards motion on the edge of the item.
  5. Allow to dry.