DIY Journal Ruler


The DIY Journal Ruler will help you make your own custom journals. This sturdy angled tool will show you where to place the inner cardboard backing, where to cut the outer decorative paper, where to make for angled or curved corners, and more!

Dimensions: 10.2 x 19.6 x 0.2 cm

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Creating your own custom journal can be a fun and creative project. Here are the steps to make your own custom journal:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Blank Paper: You can use a stack of blank or lined paper, or buy a journal insert that fits the size you want.
  2. Cardstock or Chipboard: This will be used for the journal cover to provide durability.
  3. Decorative Paper: Optional, for covering the journal cover.
  4. Scissors or Craft Knife: For cutting materials to size.
  5. The DIY Journal Ruler: To measure and cut lines.
  6. Binding Material: You can use binding rings, a bookbinding needle and thread, or even glue.
  7. Hole Punch: To create holes for binding.
  8. Decorative Elements: Stickers, washi tape, markers, and any other embellishments you want to use to decorate your journal.


  1. Design the Cover:
    • Measure and cut your cardstock or chipboard to the desired size for the cover.
    • If you wish, cover the cover material with decorative paper. Glue it in place and trim any excess.
  2. Create the Journal Pages:
    • Cut your blank paper to the same size as your journal cover. You can use lined paper, plain paper, or specialty paper depending on your preferences.
    • Stack the paper sheets to create the journal’s pages.
  3. Punch Holes:
    • Determine where you want the holes for binding to be and mark them on both the cover and pages.
    • Use a hole punch to create holes in the cover and pages. Make sure the holes align.
  4. Decorate the Cover:
    • This is where you can get creative. Use stickers, markers, washi tape, or any other decorative elements to personalize the cover. Add your name or any designs that inspire you.
  5. Bind the Journal:
    • You can choose from various binding methods:
      • Spiral Binding: Use a spiral binding machine or coil binding to bind your journal.
      • Ring Binding: Insert binding rings through the holes you’ve punched.
      • Saddle Stitching: Use a bookbinding needle and thread to stitch through the holes, creating a simple stitch binding.
      • Glue Binding: Apply a thin layer of bookbinding glue to the spine of the journal pages and press them onto the cover.
  6. Allow Time to Dry (if using glue):
    • If you’re using glue to bind your journal, allow it to dry completely before using it.
  7. Personalize the Inside:
    • Add any personal touches to the inside pages, like a title page, an index, or sections for different types of entries.
  8. Start Journaling:
    • Your custom journal is now ready to use. Write, draw, or create to your heart’s content!

Remember that making a custom journal is a creative process, so feel free to experiment with different materials, designs, and binding methods to create a journal that’s uniquely your own.