Bone Folder (Straight)


A Bone Folder is an essential tool for paper-based crafting as it allows for creating crisp, clean folds in your paper. This is especially important for projects like greeting cards, origami, and bookbinding.

Dimensions: 20.4 x 2.4 x 0.5 cm

Please note that this bone folder is made from synthetic composites (not real bone).

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A bone folder is a useful tool in paper crafts for several reasons:

  1. Creasing and Scoring: Bone folders are great for creating crisp, clean creases in paper. When you fold paper by hand, you might get uneven or soft creases, but a bone folder allows you to make precise and sharp folds. This is especially important for projects like greeting cards, origami, and bookbinding.
  2. Scoring: In some paper crafts, you need to create score lines on paper to make it easier to fold accurately. A bone folder can help you make these score lines without cutting or damaging the paper’s surface.
  3. Smoothing and Flattening: Bone folders are also excellent for smoothing out paper, removing air bubbles, and ensuring that adhesive adheres properly. They can be used to flatten paper, making it look neater and more professional.
  4. Reducing Fingerprints: When working with delicate or sensitive paper, using your fingers can leave oil and dirt marks. A bone folder allows you to manipulate the paper without transferring any oils or dirt onto it.
  5. Precision: Paper crafts often involve intricate designs and delicate pieces. A bone folder can provide the precision needed to work with small details and ensure that your projects look polished.
  6. Durability: Bone folders are typically made of sturdy materials like bone, plastic, or Teflon, making them more durable than using your fingers, which can wear and tear over time.
  7. Safety: Some paper crafts may involve working with adhesives or cutting tools. A bone folder can help you apply pressure or smooth out surfaces without risking injury.

Overall, a bone folder is a versatile and valuable tool in paper crafting that can enhance the quality of your projects and make your crafting process more efficient and enjoyable.