Watercolour Pencils

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Mont Marte Ultra Soft Watercolour Pencils have vibrant colours with a creamy smooth application. They contain light fast pigments to ensure the colours stay vibrant for longer. You can apply them onto dry paper and blend them with a soft, wet brush or directly onto wet paper.

Contents: each pack contains 18 different colours of watercolour pencils

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Watercolor pencils offer a versatile and vibrant medium for paper crafts, combining the precision of colored pencils with the fluidity of watercolors. With these pencils, artists can effortlessly add depth, shading, and intricate details to their creations. The water-soluble nature of the pencils allows for seamless blending and the creation of beautiful watercolor effects, making it easy to achieve a range of textures and tones. Whether you’re creating greeting cards, scrapbooking, or other paper crafts, watercolor pencils provide a user-friendly yet sophisticated tool to elevate your projects, adding a unique and personalized touch to your artwork.

Here’s a brief guide on how to use watercolor pencils in paper crafts:

  1. Select Your Materials:Choose quality watercolor pencils and a heavy-weight paper suitable for water-based techniques. Have a water brush or a regular paintbrush and a cup of water ready.
  2. Sketch Your Design:Start by lightly sketching your design with the watercolor pencils. The colors will become more vibrant when activated with water, so a light touch is often sufficient.
  3. Layering Colors:Layer different colors to create depth and shading. Experiment with blending colors directly on the paper or blending them with water later.
  4. Activate with Water:Once your initial coloring is done, use a water brush or damp paintbrush to activate the watercolor effect. Gently brush over the colored areas with water to blend the pigments and create a watercolor-like appearance.
  5. Blending and Texturing:Explore blending techniques by using the water brush to create smooth transitions between colors. To add texture, allow some areas to dry between layers and then apply additional pencil or water for a textured effect.
  6. Detailing:Use the fine tip of the watercolor pencils for detailing. You can also draw fine lines and intricate patterns before activating them with water.
  7. Experiment and Have Fun:Watercolor pencils offer versatility, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different layering techniques, color combinations, and water amounts to discover what works best for your project.
  8. Allow to Dry:Let your paper craft dry completely before adding additional layers or details. This helps avoid unintentional blending.
  9. Seal if Necessary:Depending on your project, you might want to seal your artwork with a fixative or a clear sealer to protect it from smudging or fading.